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Essential Safety Provisions is defined in Schedule 1 of the South Australian Development Regulations and it includes any safety systems, equipment or other provisions defined as such, or required to be installed in a building. Regulation 76 of the Development Regulations prescribes the Installation, Inspection and maintenance of Essential Safety Provisions.

The building owner has a responsibility under Regulation 76 (4) to ensure all Essential Safety Provisions are being properly maintained and tested and not to use the building unless all of the designated Essential Safety Provisions are being properly maintained and tested.

To verify this, the building owner has an obligation under Regulation 76 (5) & (6) to provide annual certification (Form 3, Schedule 16) to the Council that the necessary Essential Safety Provisons are being tested and maintained in accordance with the requirements identified in the Form 1 Schedule of Essential Safety Provisions issued for the building. The form of certification (Form 3, Schedule 16) is called the Certificate of Compliance with Maintenance Procedures for Essential Safety Provisions.  

An Annual Certificate is not required for every building having a schedule of Essential Safety Provisions, only the larger buildings where the risk to life safety is much higher. 

Although an Annual Certificate may not always be required, the building owner’s obligations regarding maintenance of the Safety Provisions for the continuing use of the building remains. 

Statcom Systems is a leader in this field & provides complete essential fire safety measures solutions & offers a professional & highly developed range of services and products to assist in the compliance of essential safety provisions, essential services and fire safety. Statcom Systems has offices in Melbourne, East Gippsland and Sydney. In South Australia, Statcom Systems would carry out the initial identification of essential safety provisions and fire safety measures using its own staff or in some cases, be supported by local Building Surveyors or Fire Services Companies.

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